The Red Angus Pilsner, from the William Bull brewing company is an enjoyable pilsner in an attractive bottle. The design is quite tongue in cheek, but this modern approach is as refreshing as their beer. 4.8% alc.

This beer comes out of the bottle with a slight cloudy wheat colour, which is complemented with very fine bubbles in the beer making the head solid and delicate, and lasts a long time in the glass. This gives the beer presence as you drink it.

Apparently 5 grains and 3 hops have gone into this beer, and you certainly get a citrus aroma from the glass, but there is a small amount of hops that you can smell also, which smooths the citrus smell and stops it from being too sharp.

Small bubbles which produce the very fine head, give the beer a smooth initial taste.  It is not too gassed, which is nice.  Once the bubbles have dissipated off you start to get the medium hop flavours from the beer. There is a stronger overtone of citrus, which is initially dominates the taste, but the range of hops take over and the middle and after tastes of the beer. Each taste of this beer is subtly different, which makes writing about it difficult, but pleasant to drink. This beer is not strongly hopped, but it is light and refreshing. One of the nice elements is the hops aftertaste at the back of your throat, without being too metalic or overpowering.

Summary: Very good appearance both with beer and label. Slightly too much citrus flavour, but their level of hops is spot on for a pilsner. Each time you drink it there are subtle changes with the taste that make you wanting more. I would drink it at cellar temperature, not ice cold, to get these subtle flavours showing themselves. Definitely recommended.